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PS eCLASS System Chart 2018
MORNING (Before): Staged In A Day Service
MORNING (Before): Staged In A Day Service
AFTERNOON: Staged In A Day
AFTERNOON: Staged In A Day

The 2-Hour Home Staging Consultation

A low cost, high impact, fast paced in-home consultation with  occupied home staging specialist, Tracey McLeod.

"Over the past seven years I’ve found that my home staging clients who are serious about selling their homes are hungry for the right information and ‘what to-dos’. Firstly, they want to know what actually works to make them top dollar at sale and, secondly, what will make their home look its prettiest and attract more buyers.

What most home sellers don't realise is that top dollar is a two-step process: preparation and presentation.

My top selling clients closely followed the relatively simple process that I designed so they could reveal the gold their homes for sale, even on a tight budget or time frame.

This is called the eCLASS System and involves the following steps.

e - evaluate the market - you will define who your ideal buyer is as well as what repairs and maintenance will deliver the highest return on investment in your market.

C -‘Calculate’ - you discover where to invest your dollars for maximum value - sounds easy but this is where a lot of people come unstuck.

L - ‘Lighten’ - what does that even mean? You'll find out!

A - ‘Accessorise’ - placement of art, accessories, florals, furniture, furnishings and rugs. You can determine what makes up your home's styling arsenal.

S - ‘Style’ - you will learn how to and where to focus your effort for a top dollar return.

S - ‘Show’ - be instructed  in how to live in and easily maintain a market ready home and be ready for viewings in one hour.

Our most successful clients used the eCLASS system to prepare their homes, then invited our crack styling team to bring their home's presentation up to picture perfect. By staging in a day, they were photo-ready and fully prepared for their time on the market. The sellers won with a faster sale at top dollar and their buyers won with a move-in ready home.

Using this method I’ve helped occupied home sellers make between $20,000 and $250,000 extra at sale, that I can verify.

Of these, it was the most committed home sellers who were always among the most successful at sale.”

- Tracey McLeod, Presentation Sells

Housing Industry Awards - Tracey McLeod 2018
Housing Industry Awards - Tracey McLeod 2018
Tracey McLeod Awards
International Achievements - Tracey McLeod

2-Hour Consultation Reviews

Tracey McLeod was professional and sensitive when transforming our home into a show piece .. which we love. She is amazing and I would highly recommend her services! Tracey provided us with an aesthetically practical home.. is that not what we all aim for ?? It is very easy to live in.

I would totally use Tracey again!

I like what she did so much to my current home .. I wish I had her revamp my house ten years ago so we could have enjoyed the benefits as we are enjoying them now . Thanks so much Tracey .. love your work!!!

Karen Bygott, Gold Coast

Tracey was referred to me by a friend in real estate, as we needed assistance in styling our home (of 27 years) in preparation for sale.

Tracey walked us through our entire home and property, beginning with the driveway entrance and gardens leading to the front door. Tracey also guided us every step of the way from choosing paint colours, to selecting a rug, furniture, to the perfect accessories for every room in the house. It’s amazing how she can look at an area of a room and tell you right away the perfect table for that spot, style of lamp that belongs where, etc. etc. While she has superb ideas in regards to all decor related issues, she listened intently to us and worked hard to understand our needs and, in particular working within our budget.

We appreciated the way Tracey worked with items that we already own and worked them into a new design. Throughout the process, she has been easily contactable for advice, and making suggestions during indecisive times.

I highly recommend Tracey who is professional and personal in all aspects of the process and her goal is to make her clients satisfied and happy.

Carolyn Broomfield, Gold Coast


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Get Notified for "Weekly Home Staging Q&A"

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