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Why it pays to think of your home as an asset not a product


Your home for sale is not a product, but it could be your highest value asset. Is your home presentation showcasing your biggest asset at it’s best at sale?

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Many professionals suggest that when you put your home on the market, it becomes a product. Problem is, I’ve never met a home owner who can think like that when selling. In fact I’ve found it very helpful to suggest the opposite…

In simple dictionary terms, a product is a thing produced by labour and an asset is a useful and desirable thing or quality.  Both terms also have different meanings depending on the context in which they are used.

As a real estate product your home becomes a growing asset by the value you add to the structure and the value that buyers place on your suburb and location when it comes time to sell.  As a product it is a commodity to buy and sell.

Why Your Home Is Your Biggest Asset

As a home owner, your home is an asset because of the rich history, the stories and secrets it holds inside it’s four or more walls; the feelings it evokes when you think of it; the paths you and your loved ones have trodden to and from there.  It holds a special place in your heart.

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When you can see that your home is an asset not a product, and that it has added richness and value to your family life, then your love for your home can be relayed to others.  When you see your home-for-sale as a product, it loses the very ‘life’ that is so important in the truly great home presentation-for sale stories.

Knowing that you are selling a valued part of your family’s history can take you to greater heights in the preparation of the home for sale.  Your home’s presentation can sprinkle equal parts joy, whimsy, beauty and love to create an unfolding story for the buyer.  Each room a chapter that can stand alone powerfully selling a purpose and a unique and compelling story.

Your Home for Sale Is Special












These are the best home presentation’s when the owner has let go of the home and now wants to prepare and present it for the next generation of buyer.  This is what can create that delicate and elusive ‘fall in love’ factor – the moment when a buyer steps inside and knows that they too have finally come home.

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