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Why US Home Stager Bobbie McGrath is training Australian Real Estate Agents


Setting The Stage For A Phenomenal Future

It’s Tracey McLeod from Presentation Sells. I wanted to tell you why I invited Bobbie McGrath from the US to work with Australian real estate agents and to help train real estate agents here in home staging for a successful business.

Bobbie has been a home stager in the US for the past twelve years. She’s worked with over 5,000 sellers and more than 200 real estate agents. More recently she has been training real estate agents in her local area on how to use home staging for phenomenal success.

We have heard already on the course from some of the agents that she’s worked with and the type of success that they are getting from incorporating home staging in their businesses. The other thing is that they are introducing us to is the fact that they are the future.

They talk about how the future of their businesses look even though they’ve had to deal with for sale by owner and rate my agent websites. They’ve had to deal with a number of transitions in their local markets. And these are things that we are about to see in our markets now.

The third thing is that Bobbie brings high integrity as well as high intelligence into everything she does. So what Bobbie brings are thoughts and ideas from other areas that aren’t necessarily related to decorating or real estate. She talks about photography and how to get the best ‘money shots’ in the home because, after all, one of the amazing things that home staging can bring is great photos for your clients, which means people coming through the door and a lot more buyer attention.

And, of course, great presentation leads to a higher price and more competitive selling which means that you’re going to build the strength of your business on Bobbie’s and my amazing success that we’ve had both in the Australian and the US markets.

I hope you join us for ‘Setting The Stage For A Phenomenal Future’, It really is a phenomenal program.It’s very short, it’s very cost effective and, it’s a lot of fun!

So please come and join us at Setting The Stage For A Phenomenal Future


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Tracey McLeod

Tracey McLeod, Visual Marketing Specialist, Presentation Sells

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Tracey McLeod is an internationally recognised award-winning interior decorator and home stager; a visual marketing specialist in home presentation that sells.

Combining her extensive experience in interior decor with a strong background in marketing; Tracey helps home sellers, property specialists and real estate agents to maximise sale price by creating ‘fall in love factor’ for buyers through home presentation.


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