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Why A Blue Kitchen Makes Your Home Harder To Sell


The blues (or corals, reds, or greens, etc.) can happen anywhere in the home but it seems that kitchens and bathrooms are where a profusion of colour from an earlier era thrives in Australia’s homes for sale.

If the home stager is called in early enough, then low-cost home improvement options can be considered. If not, then the stager must modernise the look on the fly and work around any other home improvements that have happened in between appointments.

On the day of staging, there are only two immediate choices for the professional home stager: subdue or overpower a quirky colour palette from an earlier era.

So how do you do this on the spot without pulling out the paint brush or speed dialling a suitably skilled trades person?


Black and Blue

Showing the kitchen vacant only makes the blue of the cupboards stand out.

Before - Blue Kitchen

Before – Blue Kitchen

In this kitchen, the entry point from the front of the house (right hand side of photo) is quite confined. The blue cupboards protruding on the right, makes the entry way quite tight and narrow. This forces every potential buyer to pause as they enter the space.

Blue Kitchen - After

Blue Kitchen – After

Interestingly, there are no blue foods in nature, making a blue kitchen something that could subconsciously turn off potential buyers. 

On the positive side, blue is calming, so the stagers want to take advantage of the calm and clarity of the baby blues by not ‘over-staging’ the space.

Black is the secondary colour in the kitchen bench top, so the styling team select black accessories to tone down the blue tones.

Before - Blue Kitchen

Before – Blue Kitchen

The beautiful wood panelling, great views and indoor outdoor access are key features to be highlighted.


Simply Spacious

Making the most of the size and layout of the kitchen is now the task at hand. As a home seller, you want the huge serving areas and ample storage to come into focus as the remembered features of this kitchen, not it’s colour.

Blue Kitchen - After

Blue Kitchen – After

Adding black furniture subdues the blue and brings continuity to the space. Black provides a frame or border to the buyers mental snapshot of the ‘room’. The size and liveability of the kitchen become more apparent.

Attention is drawn to the black window frames and the outdoor area beyond.

Kitchen Blue - After

Blue Kitchen – Accessories

Meanwhile, warm tones of browns, reds and greens are pulled out of the splash back and into the accessories to complement the wood panelling and tie the kitchen in with the surrounding spaces.


Tying it Together

In the ‘before’ photos the vacant open plan space lacks the personality and warmth required to achieve a top dollar result.

Blue kitchen area before

Blue kitchen Before – Facing toward kitchen

It is difficult for buyers to imagine how furniture could be placed in the living area with no adjacent walls.

Kitchen Blue - Living Before

Living Area Before – Facing away from blue kitchen


Bringing it Home

Being mindful that each area must naturally complement and flow on from the previous space, blue becomes the natural colour choice to accessorise the adjacent living area. It is used in the art and decor to ‘normalise’ the blueness of the kitchen and to invite the kitchen colours to flow seamlessly into the living space.

After - Open plan Living area

After – Open plan Living area

The blue complements perfectly with the orange tones of the panelled walls and the black of the windows and door frames, as well balancing the fireplace and the white floor tiles.

Before - Open plan Living and Dining area

Before – Open plan Living and Dining area

In the before photo (above), the placement of the fireplace becomes the focal point.

After - Open plan Living and Dining area

After – Open plan Living and Dining area

Once staged, the blacks and warm tones used in the dining area again make reference to the splash back tile in the kitchen and under the fireplace. The wooden table and black chairs anchor the dining furniture in relation to the fireplace.

After - Wood Panelled Dining Area

After – Wood Panelled Dining Area

The green, red, white and yellow of the dining table setting draw the eye to wall feature in this area. Hints of blue in the florals subtly continue and complete the colour scheme.

Cosy, comfortable and comforting. The kitchen, dining and living spaces now work together to create a cohesive and liveable colour palette for potential buyers.

With thanks to:

The Mark Coleman Team, Remax Territory, Shailer Park, Brisbane

Caco Photography

The Art of Hanging


Professional home staging team:

Tracey McLeod

Taryn Whitaker

Kerrie Jackson


Student stagers:

Shelley Giffin

Tina Richmond


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