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Who We Are

The Presentation Sells Difference: Ordinary Homes, Extraordinary Results

The team at Presentation Sells help you make a faster sale and achieve optimal price for your property, whatever your budget, time frame, or price point. As the top property staging provider on the Gold Coast, Presentation Sells takes all the hassle out of  presenting your home to appeal to a maximum number of buyers and get the bidding war started.

As the Gold Coast's most highly awarded home stager, owner Tracey McLeod can help any home seller regardless of their budget, time frame, or selling price point. In 2017 alone, she helped clients make between $40,000 to $250,000 extra on their home at sale. 

Tracey McLeod Awards 2014 - 2018
Tracey McLeod Awards 2014 - 2018

"Hi, my name's Tracey McLeod from Presentation Sells. Here I am at one of the beautiful Gold Coast homes that I've had the privilege and pleasure of staging to sell for a client.

I want to help you understand that home staging or property styling is not just about these 'glamour girl' shots but it's also about real homes and making sure that everybody has the same opportunity from staging to sell.

As experienced home staging professionals, we have a two-hour consultation that is affordable for every home seller. Whether this is your first home, or it's your last home, we can show you how to make top dollar from staging your property for sale.

If your budget is tight, we can help to make your staging investment more affordable with a repayment plan.

We can also help you just to get started. If you're staging to sell your property all on your own, that's a very big road and it's a very tough road. It can lead to a lot of tears, a lot of frustration... and it doesn't necessarily put money in the bank at the end of the day.

Myself and my team have a great track record with being able to provide home staging services to people on the Gold Coast. We help you get outstanding results from staging to sell. You really want a top dollar sale from your home staging provider, and this is what we can do.

It's now or never.

Now is your moment to shine because you have an opportunity to make a difference to yourself and your family for the future. If I can be the person that helps you make a real difference in staging to sell, for you and your family, then lets get started today."

Call Tracey now on 0401312323 if you're ready to get started.


The Lovely Bones

Origins Presentation Sells

Habitat for Humanity

We support Habitat For Humanity India's building projects through B1G1.

"About eight years ago now, I was viewing a century-old home that had never seen structural changes.

I had viewed hundreds of open homes in the area as part of my renovating for profit training and was no stranger to the style of home and the general standard of presentation. But something was different this time.

It was as if I could see a hundred years of life unfolding before me.

I could imagine conversations between husband and wife: ‘Shall we decorate, renovate or modernise?” In the end, each time opting to leave the original structure with it’s ‘lovely bones’.

Unfolding in my mind’s eye were nooks where children had played and a century of lives lived and loved in these 'lovely bones'.

I mentally toyed with the furniture placement and design styles of the decorative 1920’s, the austere 1930’s and the ‘whoa baby’ ’70’s.

As I was travelling back through the years, I suddenly hit reality.

The dirty socks on the floor greeted me. Mismatched furniture showed rooms uncertain of their purpose or style. Dark, dingy and disheveled spaces told me nothing of the fun or future the buyers would have.

When the agent called to ask me what I thought of the property, all I could say was $50,000... because that's how much I thought the owners were giving to their buyers by not properly presenting their home for sale.

For most people viewing the property, it was hard to see past the current owners’ ignorance. 

For others, it was an opportunity to discount.

For me, it revealed my purpose.

I knew I could help these homeowners and so many more like them, reveal the gold in their homes for sale AND be empowered and supported by the home staging process.

That home sold for $50,000 less than the asking price 3 months later."

Call Tracey now on 0401312323 if you're ready to get started.

Customer Reviews

  • "This lovely lady is a gem!! It was a pleasure having Tracey here to show us how we can do little changes and leave a huge impact in the overall impression. We loved our house and our style beforehand, but now we have the "wow" factor in every zone of our house!! "

    Sandra, Home Seller, Sovereign Island


Get the TOP 5 home presentation secrets so you can get started today:

Learn how to prepare and present your home for sale..

Let's get started