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Property Styling

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Property Styling

Property Styling

You're planning to style your property but will your budget be enough?

Property Styling

Don't worry, you're not alone. It may surprise you to know that beautiful and tasteful property styling can be done using only your existing furniture, a mix of your furniture and external accessories, artworks and decorator items, or it can be used to fully furnish your vacant home. It's worth doing if you're willing to do what it takes to get top dollar, because at the end of the day the results from property styling exceed both sellers and buyers expectations. 

Many other home sellers have wondered if it's worth the outlay too. Most don't realise that prices start from as little as a few hundred dollars for an experienced and professional property stylist to walk through your home with you from the front gate to the back fence.

That first consultation alone can help increase the sale price of your home even if you're on a tight budget because it gives you the tools to transform your home for the real estate photos. Getting your property to stand out in a competitive field online is one of the most important reasons for styling your property.

What if your neighbour's lawn is a real pigsty? Should you offer to mow it for them so that when buyers get to your front door, your home lives up to their online expectations. Your property stylist can tell you what to do there and, as a professional, may even broach that difficult subject with the neighbour by asking permission to have a lawn care specialist come and do both lawns at once while your home is on the market. 

In a busy marketplace where buyers can't view every home for sale at the same viewing time, you want to them lining up at your front door first. After all, if you can't get people through the front door because your home presents poorly online against the competition in it's price range, then you're losing money from day one.

Most home sellers don't realise that. Many vendors think their agent will tell them what needs to be done to prepare their home for the market. Often that's not the case, because property styling and property selling are completely different skill sets. If you're looking for a significant difference in your home's presentation then the small investment you make in property styling for obtaining a great result will be returned to you with interest. 

If you’re selling on a tight budget, or simply need professional help to understand where the biggest return on investment can be found in your home, then this is where the journey begins. 

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Get the TOP 5 home presentation secrets so you can get started today:

Learn how to prepare and present your home for sale..

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