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Property Staging

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Presentation Sells Property Staging

Property Staging

For maximum return on investment for investors and renovators

Property Styling
Property Styling

Investing in a newly built property, or renovating a vacant home for profit, is a major financial commitment. Successful property investing is a numbers game and market forces are always at play. Buying well is the secret, yet making top dollar at sale is also essential. Many investors fail to adequately allocate funds for professional property staging. Costs may blow out in other areas of the project which, in turn, impacts on their property staging budget.

Statistics show that vacant homes do not sell as well as staged properties. On average, your investment in staging your vacant property is between one and three percent of the home’s asking price.  Yet statistics show that property staging generates an eight to ten percent return on investment, as well as helping the home to sell faster. Buyers can more easily see themselves living in a staged property. 

One of the benefits of property staging is better online photos. Photos are the first view of your home for potential buyers. The stats show that buyers are also more willing to walk through a staged home than a vacant house after viewing the photos online.

There is so much positive feedback from buyers about furniture and styling that is prepared and presented with the ideal market for the property in mind. Property Staging helps you achieve optimal presentation within a tight time frame to get the quickest and best return on your property investment. Without staging, you are selling your home short!

Completely transform a vacant house or apartment

At Presentation Sells, for an investment of between 1.5% and 3% of the listing price for your vacant home, we have found a return on investment of between 8% to 20% for motivated investors using the Presentation Sells’ formula. Even if your budget can no longer stretch to staging the whole property (which we recommend), staging the Master bedroom, living, dining, kitchen and outdoor living areas, will be positively viewed by buyers.

Professional property staging by our dedicated team of staging specialists brings a level of attention and expertise that completely transforms a vacant house or apartment from an empty shell to a modern home that is very appealing to buyers. We personalise solutions to make sure the final look is perfectly suited to your target buyer. Typically, time on the market is greatly reduced as these solutions create a unique and appealing ‘product’ for an eager, ready to buy, market place that is craving solutions in the form of move in ready homes. 

We are committed to meeting or exceeding your expectations with respect to realistic budgets and staging schedules. Our promises are always backed by positive action and exceptional outcomes. The value and appeal of your property will be enhanced immensely and this will reflect in the sale price.

And all this, with a smile.

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Get the TOP 5 home presentation secrets so you can get started today:

Learn how to prepare and present your home for sale..

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