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House Staging

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You are ready to sell your property, but is it buyer ready?


Decisions on buying or not buying a house are made in seconds. Think about how you buy shoes, they fit or they don’t, you either like them or not. First impressions do count and that experience begins as buyers approach your house. Staging your house will get those buyers past the front gate.

House staging is for the buyer, and after organising, re-arranging and general cleaning, your house is staged to appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers. Renovating the kitchen and/or bathrooms may be out of the question, but reorienting furniture and maybe relocating it to elsewhere in the house, is doable. Adding rugs and accessories that capture the eye and distract from flaws that we might not notice but buyers do, can add extra value. Even if the buyers don’t know exactly what's wrong with the home, they can tell it just isn’t ‘right’.

Buyers think that they are being very logical in their search for a house but at the end of the day everyone buys emotionally and backs it up with logic. The more buyers you have fall in love with your house, the greater the competition to buy it and the more money that will pass into your hands from the sale. 

Are you living in your home while you are selling it?

AFTER staging house, Elanora

You probably still need to live in your house while it’s on the market and while staging your house means that period will be shorter than if you didn’t stage, it’s likely that it will need to be made inspection ready before each and every viewing. One of the extras you get from the ‘Presentation Sells’ team is training on how to easily go from living in, to buyer ready, and be out the door, from the minute you hang up from the agent telling you they’ll be there with prospective buyers, to about an hour.

Of course you also want to sell your house quickly and for maximum dollar, so your house needs to look and feel better to buyers than the house for sale up the road, across the street and around the corner, in order for you to maximise the sale price you get for your house.

That’s where house staging really gives you the edge over your competition, the other vendors, so you sell to the buyer who is ready now and who has the deepest pockets.

House Staging removes clues as to why you are selling

AFTER staging house, Elanora

When you sell your house you are tired of it, and even though you might not be able to pinpoint that, others can. House staging removes those clues and makes your house fresh and inviting again, for it’s new owners.

Items to be cleaned, fixed and replaced have been identified and dealt with, your house is totally transformed appealing to buyers and aimed at sparking a bidding war amongst them.

House Staging covers everything from choosing paint colours, to selecting rugs, furniture and the perfect accessories, knowing how to create a style that ties them together and complements the existing décor and arranges things to best effect in your house. The colour and style of each room is carefully co-ordinated to ensure that your house is show ready for the next occupants.

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Get the TOP 5 home presentation secrets so you can get started today:

Learn how to prepare and present your home for sale..

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