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Home Styling

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Presentation Sells Home Styling

Home Styling

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Home Styling
home styling

The time to get home styling advice is early in your home selling journey. Home styling is unique because the professional stylist can also assist with referrals to professional landscaping, painting, repairs, flooring, renovation as well as furniture styling, delivered within very tight time frames for occupied and vacant homes. You’ll be thrilled with the result at sale, which definitely makes home styling worth the investment.

Some sellers do not want their place to look over-styled or to use additional furnishings. In these cases we rearrange their own furniture complementing it with floor rugs, decorative items, plants, flowers and artworks. Many times sellers are extremely happy with an enhanced layout and relatively minimalist look. You’ll wish you’d thought of it earlier so you can enjoy your styled home for longer. 

In other homes we may combine a percentage of the owners furniture with beautiful decorator items from our inventory and/or suppliers, going the extra mile to get the right look and feel in the home. You want your home styling team to be knowledgeable, efficient and innovative and, most importantly, to style your home for sale beautifully. You want them to expand your imagination but also to respect your opinions, budget and lifestyle. You also expect them to treat your home with privacy, courtesy and care.

Professional home styling is so much more than fluffing cushions or furnishing homes. Paint, plants, furniture, furnishings, artwork and accessories are tools that we use to bring a property to where your ideal buyer can successfully see it as their new home.  Most of the stress is removed from you as your home is transformed in front of your eyes.

Less experienced stylists may style your property, but a specialist stylist will completely transform your home in ways that make it possible for you and your family to comfortably live in it while on the market.  This takes a keen eye for detail and a passion for home styling. It also requires a thorough understanding of the essential elements needed to properly prepare, present and showcase a home for sale.

Using the Presentation Sells' formula we identify the most appropriate way to transform your home while adhering to limited budgets and fast turnaround times, and yet achieve extraordinary sale prices for our successful sellers. The entire process appears effortless yet ensures a finished result of the highest possible standards. 

The Presentation Sells' formula is a 3 step process that starts with your professional consultation, next is the preparation of your home designed to spark a bidding war at step three, which is presentation to market. Our individual approach means that with a keen eye for detail, we reveal the unique personality and individuality of your property.

We also want a speedy sale for you, one that exceeds the pre-staging expectations of your real estate agent. The team at Presentation Sells have helped home sellers make thousands of dollars more when selling their homes.

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Get the TOP 5 home presentation secrets so you can get started today:

Learn how to prepare and present your home for sale..

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