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Presentation Sells Home Staging

Home Staging

Will home staging get me more for my home than I spend on getting it done? 

Home Staging
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Here’s what Gold Coast licensed real estate agent Lorena Chiappara had to say:

“It's important to understand that unless the buyers' have fallen in love with your home, you just don't get the top price. It doesn’t matter how good the agent claims they are, it doesn't work. Think about it... Ladies, the last time you went out to buy a dress, did you pay absolute top dollar for a dress you just liked? Or something you fell madly in love with that made you look two sizes smaller and you felt a million dollars in?

This is what happens with these sort of properties. It doesn't need to be a stunning waterfront home like this, we've had the same results with apartments. The team at Presentation Sells who work with Tracey McLeod, know how to highlight the features of a home. They understand that we are working towards a particular target market and work with the owners' furniture if they have it. In this case it was an empty property. Tracey brings everything in and they make the home look amazing.

So if you are thinking of selling, do yourself a favour. Number one, call Tracey McLeod from Presentation Sells. Get them in! Get them to come through and show you the results we have achieved time after time consistently.

One hundred percent of all of my clients who have worked alongside Tracey McLeod and her team, have achieved between $45,000 and $200,000 higher in sales price compared to any previous price indication from other agents or comparable sales and in far shorter time frames - between 24 hours and this was 5 weeks. But when you compare 5 weeks here to 6 months with the rest of the properties (in the street), let me tell you, it's a 'no brainer’.

So do yourself a favour. Give Tracey a call on 0401312323, she's amazing. That's why I work with her all the time. You won't go wrong. She's brilliant.”

Click on the link below to see Lorena’s full video and other success stories. 

Get the TOP 5 home presentation secrets so you can get started today:

Learn how to prepare and present your home for sale..

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