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What to look for in a home staging service


When you walk through your home, what do you see?

There may be many memories in the floors, walls and furniture of your home that hold special value for you and your family. Often, the memories can be overshadowed by your reasons for selling. Family, financial and personal concerns can stop you from seeing your home’s true potential at sale.

Helping you to make good decisions when preparing your home for sale is the art of the experienced home staging professional. There is nothing to stop someone from opening up a home staging business untrained and unknowledgeable, and using your home as a practice run. Your home can also be the place where inexperienced designers are given their first steps into visual marketing, which is the domain of property styling specialists.

While we are committed to training, we believe that your home for sale is too important to be used just for ‘styling practice’. You need to ensure that your property styling service is suitably experienced, has a track record of staging to sell success, is insured and utilises property styling specialists, professional furniture suppliers, and experienced trades and service providers.


When Tracey McLeod, owner of Presentation Sells provides a 2-3 hour initial consultation service, she personally tours your home room-by-room with you, identifying fixtures to be cleaned, fixed and replaced. She helps you choose paint colours, cost effective carpeting and flooring solutions. Together, you will tag storage furniture and decorator items not needed for styling.  If time permits, she assists you to change the orientation of rooms by helping you rearrange furniture or relocate items.

After the initial consultation, you are left with a to-do list for strategically preparing your home for the market using the Presentation Sells formula. You will also be provided with referrals to experienced, competent and affordable trades and services.

We can come back to prepare your home for the marketing photos or first viewing. Or, if suitable for your home and budget, we provide a comprehensive proposal for the One Day Makeover service that suits your home. Tracey knows the best style to complement your existing decor and will recommend a combination of your existing items, furniture from external suppliers, and her inventory of rugs, small furniture and furnishings, decor, accessories, art and florals.

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Occupied Home Staging In A Day

Once the proposal is accepted and the date for the makeover is set, Tracey will select the perfect rugs, furniture and accessories to carefully colour, style and co-ordinate each room. Tracey and her team will get your home show ready for prospective purchasers during the One Day Makeover. They will totally transform your house for photos and show you how to prepare for viewing in just one hour.

Presentation Sells has a track record of adding significant value to their clients’ homes and to help them achieve a top dollar sale. When you arrive home for the 'big reveal' you will discover a home that is ideally suited to the market for your type of property. You will find reasons to delight in every corner of your home. 

If you’re selling on a tight budget, or simply need professional help to understand where the biggest return on investment can be found in your home, then this is where the journey begins. 

Call Tracey now on 0401312323 for an obligation free and confidential discussion about property styling to sell your home.


Tracey McLeod of Presentation Sells and I met during her trip to the U.S. to attend the international RESA convention a few years back. Along with her obvious talent (she was a finalist for RESA's International Stager of the Year) Tracey has shown a strong dedication to educating the Australian real estate market about the power of property styling when presenting your home for sale. It has been my honor to work alongside her, as well as learn from her, over the last few years.

She has a strong understanding of the "why's " of staging and a "spot on" eye for creating rooms which enable top notch photographers to capture compelling marketing photographs...the sign of a TRUE professional property stylist/stager. Her work allows EVERY home seller the opportunity to draw out every dime of equity hidden throughout their property! Take a look at her work; it speaks for itself!

Bobbie McGrath, Top Ten US Home Stager

Get the TOP 5 home presentation secrets so you can get started today:

Learn how to prepare and present your home for sale..

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