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What Others Are Saying

Success Stories

We asked Gold Coast Licensed Real Estate Agent Lorena Chiappara why she stages every listing with Presentation Sells...

One hundred percent of all of my clients who have worked alongside Tracey McLeod and her team, have achieved between $45,000 and $200,000 higher* in sales price compared to any previous price indication from other agents or comparable sales and in far shorter time frames - between 24 hours and this was 5 weeks. (*Now $250,000.)

Sold for best price in 5 weeks

"Hi, this is Lorena Chiappara, licensed real estate agent here on the gorgeous Gold Coast. I'm here at Helensvale and this property has been staged by award-winning home stager, Tracey McLeod from Presentation Sells.

This is why I use Tracey. Had this home been left vacant, you would never have achieved the sales price we did and the number of days on market that we did. In this street particularly, there have been about 12 houses on the market in the last 12 months. Half have been withdrawn. The other half have been sitting on the market for months.

This we had sold in 5 weeks. This is the result of working with Tracey McLeod and her amazing team at Presentation Sells and this is why I achieve the results I do...

So do yourself a favour. Give Tracey a call now, on 0401312323 she's amazing, that's why I work with her all the time. You won't go wrong. She's brilliant."

SOLD $70,000 Above Asking Price! 200 People Through First Open & 9 Written Offers

Barbara decided to sell her family home in Tallai

After staging with Presentation Sells, the property had an estimated 200 people at the first open, 9 written offers, and made $70,000 above the asking price from the first Open Home.

Here's how Barbara describes her experience...

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SOLD for $111,000 Above Previous Street Record

Real Estate Agent Karl Peters outlines how this Christine Avenue home sold two hours after auction and beat the previous street record price by $111,000.

Here's how Karl describes his experience...

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Sold In 1 Day For $250,000 Profit!

Daniella and her business partner bought an investment property in Elanora.  They spent a year renovating and upgrading the property.

After staging with Presentation Sells, the property made a massive $250,000 extra from the first Open Home.

Here's how Daniella felt after the sale...

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Sold For Best Price From Second Offer

This was truly a labour of love, as three generations of this close-knit family came together to prepare this home for sale. Sue and her husband worked alongside her son Shannon, a master builder, to present the home to the market in mint condition. Even the youngest family members jumped in to help out as the deadline drew nearer. After staging to sell with Presentation Sells, the first buyer could not get the finance so another buyer quickly stepped up to claim this 'prize' home.

Sue describes how the home was received by buyers...

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Sold On Day 1 For $46,000 Above Asking

Eager to move their growing family to a larger, acreage property, Elanora home sellers Iain and Ellisha were initially sceptical about the difference that home staging could make to their home for sale.

Home owners Ian and Ellisha staged their home with Presentation Sells, with 51 groups through over the first weekend and 6 offers, they made a staggering $65,000 extra from their agent's pre-staging expectations. (This was $46,000 above asking price.)

They were blown away by what they saw... 

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Sold In 14 Days For $215,000 Above Previous Offer

Burleigh Heads animal lover Gayle was ready to sell and, in fact, had already been on the market almost exactly one year earlier. When that sale fell through, she decided to wait for another opportunity. As much as she would miss the magnificent views from her hilltop home, she knew that with proper presentation, it would sell well.

Putting her home on the market in mid December was risky. In the first few weeks only 3 potential buyers ventured into the home. Two of them made offers. One was accepted. It was $215,000 above the offer they had accepted one year before.

The return on investment from home staging even staggered her...

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Sold On First Weekend For $40,000 Above Expectations

Worongary home owners Sabrina and Adam dreamed of moving overseas to start a new life in Sabrina's ancestral home with their young family.

The young couple successfully staged their home with Presentation Sells, gaining a phenomenal $40,000 extra from their pre-staging expectations. When they first met Tracey for a 2-Hour Consultation, they wanted $560,000 for their home. When it sold on the first weekend with multiple offers, they were ecstatic!

Here's how their journey unfolded...

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Sold At Auction For $85,000 More From Multiple Offers

These Currumbin home sellers were keen to be homeless! They had bought their new waterfront home 'off the plan' but had a number of months before it would be move in ready.

When home owners Greg and Annette staged their home with Presentation Sells and sold under auction conditions. As the  bidding moved far beyond their expectations, they were quietly confident. They took home an extra $85,000 on auction day as a result of staging with Presentation Sells.

Even they were surprised by how buyers reacted to their home...

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