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Setting the Stage for Phenomenal Success

Setting The Stage For Phenomenal Success

One of the top US HOME STAGERS trains Aussie real estate agents, finally solving the "too difficult to sell" problem!

Do you know how to incorporate home staging into your real estate business for phenomenal success?

In the ONLY real estate staging training for agents, award winning home stagers Bobbie McGrath from the US and Australia’s own Tracey McLeod will show you how to:

  • Make every listing more marketable with home staging
  • Find the money shots that compel buyers to pick up the phone
  • Become the most envied agent in your area

Bobbie has worked with over 5,500 home sellers and well over 200 agents in her 12 years as a home stager. For the past 4 years, she has run an accredited course for real estate agents in her home state of North Carolina.

Now, she is bringing her knowledge to Aussie agents. Head into the future of real estate with us!


2-Hour Guided Staging Consultation

SELLING YOUR HOME? In a low-cost, high-impact 2-HOUR home staging consultation, multi award winning home stager, Tracey McLeod, professionally guides you through your home's presentation for sale for TOP results! CALL now 0401 312 323

Selling Your Home Soon?

This consultation is an instant fix that helps hands-on home sellers to produce immediate results. 

In a low-cost, high-impact 2-HOUR home staging consultation, multi award winning home stager Tracey McLeod, personally guides your through the steps to improve your home’s market appeal instantly.

You and Tracey will determine what needs to be done to bring the property up to market-ready.

At that time, we will outline Presentation Sells vision for the project and potential value-adding ideas that are achievable within the budget and time frame. They will end up with a Top To-Do list and/or simply make changes on the spot.

Contact Tracey now.

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One Day Makeover

Want to SELL YOUR HOME for TOP DOLLAR in today's market? Yes you can! AND you can have it all done for you IN ONE DAY using your own furniture and furnishings with enhancements of florals, art, accessories, cushions, rugs, small furniture...

Want to SELL YOUR HOME for TOP DOLLAR in today’s market? Yes you can!

AND you can have it all done for you IN ONE DAY using your own furniture and furnishings with enhancements of florals, art, accessories, cushions, rugs, small furniture for on a six-week rental. All brought in by our highly experienced team at Presentation Sells.

Call Tracey 0401 312 323, to walk you through the process.

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Five Biggest Home Improvement Money Spinners e-Book Profit by Design

Profit by Design

Five Biggest Money Spinners to Unlock The Gold and Get it Sold

In this free, easy-to-read guide you will uncover the top five proven low-cost home improvements that have helped Tracey Mcleod’s clients make between $20,000 and $75,000 extra on their homes for sale.

You will learn:

  • Tracey’s top five low-cost home improvement profit centres in your home’s presentation for sale
  • A step-by-step guide to show you how our visual marketing specialists have achieved top results
  • How to make the most of your own home to get the best sale price
  • What else you can do to unlock the gold and get your home sold

You don’t have to wait… Just click the link below to get ‘Profit by Design: Top Five Proven Low-Cost Home Improvements.’

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Book Speaker

Book Speaker

Need a professional styling and home presentation expert?

Book Now!

Need an engaging expert for your next property or investment seminar, business or women’s group, in-store demonstration, real estate training or community event?

Tracey can deliver high impact, practical style techniques and strategies for store customers, home sellers, investors, real estate agents and developers, tailoring presentations to your needs. To find out more or book Tracey for your next event contact us on showhomes.au@gmail.com.au

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The Presentation Sells Difference

The step-by-step process you need to prepare, present and profit from your home for sale

The real estate marketplace is littered with generic information and misinformation about home presentation for sale. You may have found it yourself as you eagerly searched and scanned unsympathetic laundry lists of ‘must-do’s’ and ‘don’t do’s’ all the while not getting any answers as to what you should prioritise or how home presentation for sale techniques would work in your home, around your lifestyle.

Preparing your home for sale in a competitive marketplace is daunting. How well you sell determines your future. It is the difference between freedom and failure. Yet, there has been no step-by-step process available to you on how to prepare and present your home for sale (despite your next door neighbour, work colleague and well meaning relative telling you “how it’s done”).

That is, until now…

In our comprehensive, value-packed home presentation programs you will learn how to uncover the gold in your home for sale by combining knowledge of your local market with a step-by-step guide to preparing, styling and presenting each area of your home.

Much of what you will learn comes directly from the best home stagers in the world. The rest has been carved by the agony and ecstasy of on the job training in diverse markets and uncertain times. All of it though, has been proven to generate a higher sale price in a quicker timeframe.

Big dollars are at stake when you sell your home. It’s an emotional journey and a $200,000 home is as important to its owner as a million dollar home. Each deserves respect and the right to be presented at it’s very best.

Let us show you how to prepare, present and profit from your sale.

  • Proven strategies from experienced specialists  – Not only have we been where you are, we are award-winning occupied home staging specialists who help sellers just like you unlock the gold in homes every day. With an in depth knowledge of the property market and a keen insight into what influences buyers, we have had hundreds of successful sellers hit and go beyond their asking price.
  • Help for every stage in the selling process – We do this through our 33-day Get It Sold Countdown to your open house using strategies have sold homes faster and for more than market value and the free Ask Tracey email service for that niggly home presentation question that’s keeping you up at night.
  • Delivered live and online to work around your schedule – We are designing and developing a state-of-the-art platform to deliver world-class home presentation for sale training that is not available online anywhere else in the world. We offer a clear and concise home presentation for sale process that you can easily follow in the privacy of your own home, and personalise it to your needs.
  • Options that are within budget and within reach – Presenting your home for sale is very different to decorating or designing for living. While we know the home staging craft and industry in detail, we also know that a professional home stager isn’t always within everyone’s budget or location. That’s why we have to option of world-class training for a fraction of what it would cost for private, in-home makeover, giving you the ability to present your home for sale.
  • Pay it forward – At Presentation Sells we believe in paying it forward, not only by sharing our knowledge to help you unlock the gold in your home for sale, but also to benefit those in our global village who are not as blessed and fortunate as we are. That is why we partner with B1G1.


What the professionals say

Jan Hogarth, Principal, Placemate Architects

Jan Hogarth, Principal, Placemate Architects

Tracey McLeod is a pleasure to work with. Her sense of colour and composition frames the experience for the owner every day so that the details resonate to create a harmonious whole.

For sale, she creates an open light mood that suits the house, looks great in photos and appeals to buyers. Her skills have added tens of thousands to the sale price of properties for their owners.

– Jan Hogarth, Principal, Placemate Architects


Lorena Chiappara, L.R.E.A.

Lorena Chiappara, L.R.E.A.

Tracey’s specialty lies in using as much of the client’s own furniture as possible. She works closely with the client to remove what is not working, highlights the pieces which stand out and then builds on that with any other additions required. She makes it all work together to maximise the positive features and downplay any flaws. She has great people skills, and is able to work within any situation. And most importantly she works with their budget in mind, and within the allotted time frame.

Tracey’s professionalism, her immediate understanding of where the property’s value lay, and her hard work meant that the house was a beautifully styled and presented home ready for professional photos in less than a week.

The difference was amazing. And resulted in a contract in 12 days and for $75,000 more than we would have achieved had we not used her services.

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Get the TOP 5 home presentation secrets so you can get started today:

Learn how to prepare and present your home for sale..

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