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Coastal Cool in Burleigh Waters

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Coastal Cool

Broke the street record sale price by $111,000

Two savvy fathers and their surfing sons built the property about ten years before deciding to sell. It was time to turn this self confessed party house into a home for young professionals read to settle down.

Sold two hours after auction for a record price for the street, this Miami home ticked all the boxes for a potential buyer, even though it was located on a very busy subruban road. 

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Ocean Views

These owners had been ready to sell for 18 months but the market was not giving their hilltop home the love it deserved, until it was staged to sell...


Waterfront Living

Home staging was the perfect solution to give this vacant rental home the chance to stand out in a crowded market, for a quick return on investment...


Family Friendly

Months of tireless effort paid off for this NSW family. The home presented perfectly to the market with all of it's personality in tact...

Client Appreciation

I love everything about it… From living in a shoebox to a trendy and cosy home. Bringing a woman’s touch seems simple and easy to do, but to transform a place into something trendy and cosy that your buyer can call home… that’s something special.

~ Jack, Property Investor

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