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Blog post: Why Buyers Like Three Entrances

3 Vital Entry Points For Curb Appeal In Seven Seconds

By 7thmin | Jun 29, 2017

As a home seller you have just seven seconds to make a great first impression on your buyers. Here we explain how knowing the three entry points helps buyers move through those precious seven seconds to a successful sale. 

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It takes a village to present a home

Incredible Home Selling Success Story

By Tracey McLeod | Jun 5, 2017

The residents who stand to make the most from a home sale, outside the immediate owners, are the neighbours. It stands to reason that if you get the best price you can for your home, it will nudge expected prices in the street upwards. Yet well-meaning neighbours can be…

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Where Styling Meets Securit

Open Home Slip Ups That Put Your Family At Risk

By Tracey McLeod | May 30, 2017

It’s one thing to share your home, and another to share your lives. Sharing your home comes about for a variety of reasons. When selling, you can’t help but share your home. Sharing your lives through visible photos, names on doors, personal papers and possessions, etc. can leave your family vulnerable.

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PS Yellow House Exterior

Is Your Home’s Street Appeal Drive Buy or Drive Bye?

By Tracey McLeod | May 27, 2017

When property professionals talk about curb appeal, they are referring to how a buyer will assess the desirability of your home for sale from the street. What they don’t always tell you is that they will make a decision to ‘drive bye’ or ‘drive buy’.

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Pack First Then Sells

How To Use Decluttering For An Easy Sale

By Tracey McLeod | May 27, 2017

In the process of preparing her family home for sale, Tracey McLeod, founder of Presentation Sells, stumbles upon a home preparation technique that will work for many home sellers: Pack first then sell.

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Kitchen Blues with Presentation Sells

Why A Blue Kitchen Makes Your Home Harder To Sell

By Tracey McLeod | May 22, 2017

The blues (or corals, reds, or greens, etc.) can happen anywhere in the home but it seems that kitchens and bathrooms are where a profusion of colour from an earlier era thrives in Australia’s homes for sale. If the home stager is called in early enough, then low-cost home improvement options can be considered. If not, then the […] Read More

Bedroom - After

Four Ways To Create Fall In Love Factor

By Tracey McLeod | Nov 21, 2016

Tracey McLeod, founder of Presentation Sells, recently went ‘secret shopping’ at open homes with a local real estate agent who is planning to stage every listing. Tracey’s aim was to view the standard of home presentation in a random sample of twelve homes for sale in the agent’s local market and advise on how the […] Read More

Bobbie McGrath Setting The Stage for A Phenomenal Future

Why US Home Stager Bobbie McGrath is training Australian Real Estate Agents

By Tracey McLeod | Aug 16, 2016

Setting The Stage For A Phenomenal Future It’s Tracey McLeod from Presentation Sells. I wanted to tell you why I invited Bobbie McGrath from the US to work with Australian real estate agents and to help train real estate agents here in home staging for a successful business. Bobbie has been a home stager in […] Read More

Property Styling Timeless Trends

By Tracey McLeod | May 26, 2016

Getting ready to sell your home? I shared property styling timeless trends with 4BC’s Kevin Turner on his radio show Real Estate Talk.

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Get the TOP 5 home presentation secrets so you can get started today:

Learn how to prepare and present your home for sale..

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