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Property Styling Timeless Trends


Getting ready to sell your home? I shared property styling timeless trends with 4BC’s Kevin Turner on his radio show Real Estate Talk.

Home Seller Research Property Styling Timeless Trends 2016

1. Research

The first step in the home selling process is to know who your buyer is. The only way to identify this is to go to other open homes in your area and price range. Look at who is attending, what they are saying (don’t hover, of course), and what age ranges they fall into. Start to build an ‘avatar’ of your buyer.


Style Anyway Property Styling Timeless Trends 20162. Style anyway

If you can’t afford to renovate it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t present your home at it’s best. I once styled a home with badly scratched wooden floors that still sold for $75,000 above the agent’s pre-styling expectations, because it otherwise looked great!


Streetscape Property Styling Timeless Trends 20163. First Impressions

Pay attention to what buyers will experience in the first seven seconds, what does your street-scape look like?

Real Estate Viewing in One Hour Property Styling Timeless Trends 20164. Make styling simple

You can style your home in one hour, but you have be prepared. One way is to have inexpensive doonas or bedspreads in the cupboard to throw over the working doonas that you use daily.


Work your Bling Property Styling Timeless Trends 20165. Work your bling

We’re seeing metallics of copper, silver and bronzes everywhere from a sprinkle in a throw rug and cushions, to pots. Don’t over do it though, keep in mind that their job is to draw the eye to the size of the room and the height of the ceiling.



Pots Curves Property Styling Timeless Trends 2016

6. Curves are sexy!

When you think about the shape of a home it is made up of squares and triangles, that is why you want to bring curves into the styling process. Pots, cushions, throws and other rounded accessories can help to soften your home.


Fake Florals Property Styling Timeless Trends 20167. Florals and greenery

If you’ll pardon the pun, this one’s a perennial! Though it’s fake plants that taking centre stage as they become more realistic. Even when you touch the buds, they feel real!

Books add Lifestyle Property Styling Timeless Trends 20168. Use practical items

Adding a couple of books and candle holders speak volumes to lifestyle! Remember to select on size, colour and appropriateness of the reading materials.

Internet Connectivity Property Styling Timeless Trends 20169. Internet connectivity

While it doesn’t sound like styling, as Steve Jobs would say, design is everywhere! Never underestimate the desire for younger buyers to be ‘connected’.

Dining Table Property Styling Timeless Trends 201610. Tell a story

Make the ordinary extraordinary. Think accessories like attractive plates, toys, cushions or candles. Put them in a group of two, three or five and you have a story.

11. FeaRed Feature Wall Property Styling Timeless Trends 2016ture walls

Feature walls are officially out in a home for sale. The only exception to the rule is if it is target market specific. An agent once told me about a red wall in a home she was selling to a Chinese buyer, they loved it and bought the home.

Warm White Walls Property Styling Timeless Trends 201612. Warm Reception

Walls in a home for sale should be warm (white or beige) not cool (grey). Stick with Australia’s biggest sellers in wall paints which are warm neutrals. Buyers will subconsciously recognise them and immediately feel welcome.




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