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Build Good

Sell your house and we build a home.

As home sellers, we so often get caught up in the immediate stresses of selling and dealing with an often alien and overwhelming real estate market. I like the idea that just from selling your house once, we can help build another and another and another ongoing.

From Tracey McLeod, Founder, Presentation Sells

What a lot of people don’t know about me is that I worked for charities and not-for-profits for over ten years after spending 6 months independently travelling through Africa as a 25-year-old. There, I relied heavily on the kindness of strangers in war-ravaged, drought-affected and famine-wracked villages, towns and cities.

What I experienced was that the world’s poorest people could be the most generous. Many times I was offered food, shelter and water by people with very little in material terms, and who asked for nothing in return.

Their big hearts have stayed with me always.

When I started styling homes for sale I was committed to returning the favour to the third world in a synergistic and significant way. Then I met Paul Dunn, Chairman of Buy 1 Give 1 (B1G1) in 2014. I knew that I had found a perfect global charity partner.

Through B1G1 we located Habitat for Humanity India’s ‘Build A House’ program. In practical terms this means that for every Presentation Sells’ home that is sold, we donate for a micro loan to shelter an individual in the third world.

For me, there is something very full circle about being able to advise a client that their sale has been leveraged in this way. It’s great to see how our ‘first world problems’ can be turned into third world solutions.

Here’s how it works

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You actively help other home owners in our community by sharing your home selling journey, and fearlessly post your before and after photos to boast your achievements.

You Get It Sold

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We Pay It Forward

By supporting Habitat For Humanity India’s building projects.

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With the Help of Our Global Charity Partners

Home Owners

To celebrate your sale, we provide shelter for a highly vulnerable and underprivileged individual by donating US$89 through our partnership with the Global Giving Initiative Buy1GIVE1 (B1G1).

Habitat for Humanity supports people who lost their homes in natural disasters or cannot afford to build their own houses. Most of the projects are created using micro financing where the supported families will return the money over time. The money returned will again be used to build another house for another family.

Our contribution will be leveraged to support many families in providing proper accommodation to protect them from harsh weather conditions and external danger.

See our giving summary and/or donate directly here.


Get the TOP 5 home presentation secrets so you can get started today:

Learn how to prepare and present your home for sale..

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