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Setting The Stage For A Phenomenal Future!
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A Top US Home Stager trains Australian home stagers how to work with real estate agents for greater business success, finally solving the agent’s “how do I sell this to my clients” problem!

Bobbie McGrath Phenomenal success home stager

It’s about providing an outstanding consultation rather than trying to up-sell your business. It’s about going in and giving true value to home owners as well as the realtors… The stronger a marketing weapon that you are for your realtors, the stronger your realtors’ businesses become. The stronger their businesses become, the more business you have.

– Bobbie McGrath, Successful Staging

By harnessing these home staging business enhancements you can create a successful home staging career.

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Setting the Stage for Phenomenal Success with Bobbie McGrath Setting the Stage for Phenomenal Success with Bobbie McGrath Setting the Stage for Phenomenal Success with Bobbie McGrath


Here’s what you will learn in Setting The Stage For A Phenomenal Future:

1. Why a staging consultation is your secret weapon for business success

2. Three critical elements to creating positive and empowering experiences for home sellers

3. Super simple techniques to immediately make your marketing photos more powerful

4. The biggest mistake stagers make when approaching real estate agents

5. How to set your business up to do more real estate consultations and work smarter — starting today

Bobbie McGrath Setting The Stage for Phenomenal Success

In the most CUTTING EDGE business training for real estate stagers, award winning home stagers Bobbie McGrath and Australia’s own Tracey McLeod, will show you how to:

  • Make your clients’ listings more marketable with just a 2-hour consultation
  • Find the money shots that compel buyers to view your homes
  • Become the most talked about home stager in your area

When you get started with our simple webinar series, we’ll also send you a free study guide that we guarantee will help you sell your services better, faster and smarter.

“It’s about showcasing the equity in the property so that people can realise that when they sell their home. I have real estate agents building very very strong businesses based on how their homes are presented.”

– Bobbie McGrath, Successful Staging


Your Phenomenal Success Professionals


Bobbie McGrath, Successful Staging

Bobbie McGrath, CEO of Successful Staging

Step into the future of real estate with Bobbie McGrath, awarded One Of The RESA Top Ten US Home Stagers Of The Year 2016 & 2015. 

Her home staging career spans 12 years of staging or consulting on over 5,000 homes with over 200 real estate agents. Bobbie trains other stagers at the US Real Estate Staging Association’s annual convention in business success strategies. 

She’s a very popular girl in her home city of Raleigh, North Carolina because she’s made thousands of people thousands of dollars – and she’s bringing a PHENOMENAL FUTURE to Australia NOW!

Bobbie has become an integral part of my ‘entourage.’ Her approach is fun, creative and personal. In a challenging real estate market, home staging has become an important step in preparing a home to sell. They photograph better and show like model homes. With Bobbie on the job, we have the best chance at selling our clients’ homes.
Zach Schabot Vice President at Bamboo Realty, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.



Tracey McLeod, Presentation Sells

Tracey McLeod, Founder Presentation Sells

Australia’s Tracey McLeod, awarded Property Stylist of the Year Gold Coast/Northern Rivers 2015 and RESA Home Stager of the Year Vacant International 2016 Finalist, draws on her extensive experience in interior decorating and home staging.

She has helped hundreds of home sellers maximise their sale price from $20,000 extra on occupied home staging, add up to $360,000 at sale to vacant homes across Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Tracey McLeod is a pleasure to work with. Her sense of colour and composition frames the experience for the owner every day so that the details resonate to create a harmonious whole. For sale, she creates an open light mood that suits the house, looks great in photos and appeals to buyers. 

Her skills have added tens of thousands to the sale price of properties for their owners.”
Jan Hogarth, Principal at Placemate Architects, Brisbane, Australia.


Tracey McLeod Setting the Stage For a Phenomenal Future




By training Aussie Agents how to work with home stagers as well as training home stagers how to work with agents, Tracey and Bobbie are setting the stage for phenomenal success!



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Get the TOP 5 home presentation secrets so you can get started today:

Learn how to prepare and present your home for sale..

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