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Colour Psychology In Home Selling


Home Seller Ellen Brooker helps Tracey McLeod, founder of Presentation Sells, to prepare and present this award-winning Gold Coast home for sale interior using the featured colours of Maroon, Magenta and Brown.

Presentation Sells Live Q&A For Home Sellers with Tracey McLeo…Presentation Sells Live Q&A For Home Sellers with Tracey McLeod #4 – Colour Psychology

Posted by Presentation Sells on Wednesday, June 8, 2016

What is colour psychology in home selling?

According to colour psychology, we feel and interpret colour with all of our senses, as well as seeing it’s beauty with our eyes. The ‘personality’ in each of the featured colours builds to a sophisticated look that is subtly packed with meaning and messages for buyers.

Colour psychology with maroon, magenta and brown.

Colour psychology with maroon, magenta and brown

Featured Colours

Maroon, a dark, soft red, is the feature colour that greets buyers upon entry to the home. In the living room maroon suggests controlled and thoughtful action – an important attribute for both buyers and sellers.

The perfect colours for positive action and comfortable living

The perfect colours for positive action and comfortable living

In the formal dining area, maroon mingles with and morphs into honest and sincere brown. This colour brings with it the best of everything: great food, fine wine and loyal company.


Not so boring old brown adds quality to comfort

In an adjacent bedroom, maroon meets magenta. It offers a perfect teenage room colour combination where considered action blends with universal love.

Colours maroon and magenta team up in a teenage room

Colours maroon and magenta support the teenage years

Magenta is surprisingly harmonious. It balances every aspect of life, through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Background Colours

A tour of our feature colours would be incomplete without mentioning the cast of background colours in our home for sale. Here, a warm and cosy blanket of colour supports the maroon, magenta and brown features in the form of Beige, Gold and Warm White.

Colour psychology in living area

Colour psychology in Beige, Gold and Warm White

Beige underscores brown’s material security. It’s constancy and unchanging loyalty reassures buyers of the soundness of their investment.

Beige is brilliant at adding consistency to a scene

Beige is brilliant at adding consistency

Success shines in the lounge area, as gold adds richness and warmth to the scene. Gold illuminates and enhances maroon’s power to motivate buyers to action.

Gold signifies success and abundance.

Gold signifies success and abundance

Warm White is perfect as a subtle, yet calm backdrop that offers clean lines and clarity to buyers. Once past the spacious entryway, the individual living and dining areas feel like ‘rooms’ within a room. 

Space and light from warm white

Space and light from warm white

Over in the bedroom, warm white’s simple sophistication gently encourages magenta’s sense of balance and harmony.

Warm whites complement the bedroom

Warm whites complement the bedroom

The overall feel we aim for from space to space is a flowing sense of harmony, but we also want individual areas to feel nurturing and special.

Spot colours

Supported by the florals, sunlight streams in to give an orange tone to our featured colours, radiating warmth and happiness into the space in a natural, unforced way.

Maroon in a formal living area

Orange adds happiness to the space in the formal living area

In addition, hints of red speak of desire and wanting; while green suggests a sanctuary that restores our sense of well being. 

When brought together, our colour palette encourages buyers to take action using gentle, sophisticated cues embedded in a safe and comfortable environment that brings pleasure to the senses.

Want to see how it all began?


Before – living area without the colour palette

Many thanks:

To home sellers Ellen and Graham who worked tirelessly under direction from Tracey McLeod to create the design and interiors; and the team at Dan’s PPM for painting, landscaping and loads more.

Presentation Sells Home Seller Ellen WINNER 2015 HIA Gold Coast/Northern Rivers Interior Design - Property Styling

To the Housing Industry Association of Queensland for awarding Tracey McLeod ‘Winner 2015 of the Gold Coast/Northern Rivers Award for Interior Design in Property Styling’ for this home.

All of the colour psychology insights in this article come from Judy Scott-Kemmis’ fascinating website.

Before and After Photography by the amazing Geoff Allen from Pro Vision Image.


Pro Vision Image


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